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Fit or Nah

What does Fitness mean to you?

Daily activities that you do requires some kind of fitness.

Going to the gym, taking a walk, chasing the dog, working out with your sport, or running to catch your flight that departs in 5 minutes from Gate E88.

Being active is a huge part towards your overall health.

Take a second - and think??

Answer these questions - -

Am I in the peak performance state in my life?

What do I struggle with?

In what areas could I improve?

Is there anyone that can help me reach my better healthy state?

Can I find someone else to workout with?

What are my dream results? How fit do you really want to be?

How hard are you really working to achieve your dream results?

Try doing some of these each day, and if you stick with it, your life will start to improve in all facets.

- Drink More Water

- Take the Stairs

- Wake Up 5 minutes earlier

- Use the first few moments of your day to breathe

- After Breathing, Stretch - start to get your body loosened up

- At minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise each day

- Stick to your fruits and vegetables and lean meats

- Avoid your Pops/Sodas, Chips, artificial and processed foods

- Read something each day

- Smile More

- Don't let the little things affect your mood

Starting now, practice small daily habits and lets change our lives for the better.

If you really want something, how bad are you really working to achieve your goal??

- Fadeaway

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