TESTIMONIALS - "What Are They Saying..."

"Not only has Jeremy Hays helped my girls improve their basketball skills, but he’s built confidence and character in both of them. With each workout he challenges them to get out of their comfort zone, work hard and make mistakes so they are constantly learning. His work ethic is tireless and it carries over to his clients. The exposure he provides for the kids through videos and celebrating their successes on social media is unparalleled. His efforts played a big part in my oldest daughter achieving her dream of playing basketball at the next level.

Thankful for Fadeaway Fitness!"

- Cari Woods (Mother)

Shanley & LaLa Woods

"Jeremy Hays has worked with me on my basketball skills for about a year now. He is always highly energetic and eager to push me to my limits. Every workout has been challenging and helpful with my specific individual skill set. Jeremy takes pride in making workouts specific to his varying clients. A lot of the skills we work on are skills that I can apply to my game as a collegiate/future pro player. I enjoy working out with Jeremy because he is an outgoing person that knows the game of basketball."

- Dalton Bolon

West Liberty University




"From our first training session with Jeremy, he has been there for my boys both as a trainer and role model. He is highly motivated and works tirelessly to make his training sessions and camps top notch. He tailors each workout to the needs of the athlete and makes every session fun for my boys. He truly cares about his clients, and we highly recommend him as a trainer."

- Heather Watkins (Mother)

Riley, Parker, & Preston Watkins

"My son, who is 12 now, had begun expressing an interest in the game of basketball several years ago, right around the time Fadeaway Fitness came to the area.  After a couple workouts with Jeremy and another local trainer, Braden wanted to go with the other guy.  Of course, I understood this decision was rooted in the fact that the trial workout with Jeremy was more difficult; so I told him “we’re going with Jeremy.”  He never worked out with the other guy again and when our schedules allow, we try to see Jeremy at least once a week. Even Braden would agree that it was the right decision - one of the best I’ve ever made.  Jeremy has worked tirelessly with Braden on all aspects of his game, but particularly his shooting form.  His overall game his improved by leaps and bounds, and Jeremy Hays is largely responsible for that development. He’s always willing to make himself available and his drive and passion do not go unnoticed, even by his youngest clients. Jeremy has become like a big brother to my son, and his work ethic serves as an inspiration. Braden doesn’t want to let Jeremy down - on the court or off. I can’t wait to see Fadeaway Fitness continue to grow in 2020 and beyond!!"

- Jason Wade (Father)

Braden Wade

"My daughter leaves her 1 on 1 sessions with Jeremy feeling confident in her ability and excited about the game of basketball. Despite a midseason injury that left her unable to contribute to her team on the court, Jeremy would periodically send her inspirational text messages that would continue to build her mental side of the game, at the time that she could not physically strengthen in her skills."

- Lisa Criss (Mother)

Madalyn Criss

"Fadeaway Fitness has made a tremendous impact on my athletic career. I have been taught skills that not only have benefited me on the court but off the court as well. Being mediocre is not an option when you have a program that pushes you to reach the next level. I believe the challenges I have been given has helped me grow as a player and I could not be thankful enough."

- Emily Holzopfel

Wheeling University

"Jeremy Hays has helped not only my basketball game but also my confidence off the court tremendously. He has always pushed me to perform at my full potential and focus on the little details. He has always posted about me and my accomplishments throughout my high school career and was always one of the first to message me after I had a good/bad game."

- Kyndra Pilant

Concord University

“I’ve been working out with Jeremy for about 10 years now. His passion and love for the game shows clearly in every single workout. Every time I leave a session with him I truly feel as if I have gotten better.”

- Kenzie Melko

Fairmont State University


"Jeremy Hays is one of the best trainers I have seen.  He does a great job of mixing skill work and fundamentals with fun and innovative ideas to keep the workouts fresh and engaging.  Every player I’ve watched him work with has benefited from his guidance on and off the court. His company Fadeaway Fitness is something I would recommend to any young player with the desire to get better. "

- Jeremy Grubbs

Assistant Coach

First Love National Prep

"Thank you for training my kids and making sure they work extremely hard from start to finish.   Also, by coming to watch them compete in their games, you were able to see what they needed to work on and customized their workouts to help make them a more complete player.  It is great to have someone truly care about our kids success and help them achieve their goals."

- Kevin Heller (Father)
Beau, Seneca, & Berklee Heller

"Jeremy Hays at Fadeaway Fitness has helped our daughter Giana develop and enhance her basketball skills. Jeremy is a tireless and innovative teacher who devotes every minute of their sessions to improving Giana’s game, while making the experience enjoyable and fun for her. As parents, what we love the most is knowing the time our daughter has spent with Jeremy has helped make her into a hard-working, confident young girl."

- Aaron & Jara Chirpas (Parents)

Giana Chirpas

"We are grateful for being part of the Fadeaway Fitness family.  My daughter is so happy and comfortable at Fadeaway.  She has indeed improved a lot. Jeremy has the basketball knowledge no doubt. The great thing is he knows how to share it with the kids in a building block fashion. For me it's not just about learning the game but building good character, personality, and work ethics in addition to learning about the game. You learn it all at Fadeaway."

- Toni Sidon (Mother)

Lindse Sidon

"Jeremy, since Covid-19, our family had gone through major changes. Thanks to you and fadeaway fitness Brooklyn has taken the skills and drive that you have taught her and has taken it upon herself to develop a training program. She is determined to improve her game. Thank you for believing in her!
Putting in the work to as you say: “Get better!”

- Joanne Vanaman (Mother)

Brooklyn Edge

“Fadeaway Fitness has helped elevate my son Rhyder’s game to another level. Jeremy has the natural ability to connect with a child in a way that pushes them past their limits to help unlock their true potential. We look forward to a long relationship with Fadeaway for many years to come.”

- Rick Dlesk (Father)

Rhyder Dlesk

"Fadeaway Fitness has helped me prepare over the past several years to reach my collegiate goals! I am so thankful to have Jeremy teach me different moves that have helped me offensively and defensively to achieve several records that I currently hold at Westminster College! If you are looking to work hard and take the lessons you learn from Jeremy and Fadeaway Fitness be prepared to find the best you!"

- Kallee Dowler

Westminster College